A Few Notable Results


Terry served on the legal team that succeeded in obtaining an order vacating the death penalty and murder conviction of capital habeas petitioner James Harlow (Wyo. D.Ct. No. 05CV039-B).  Judge Brimmer's Order granting habeas relief can be found here.  Terry also currently serves on the legal team that succeeded in obtaining an order vacating the death penalty of capital habeas petitioner Dale Eaton (Wyo. D.Ct. No. 09CV261-J).  Judge Johnson's Order granting habeas relief can be found here.


Terry obtained a sentencing reversal in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of United States v. Brown, 529 F.3d 1260 (10th Cir. 2008) (UCMJ Courts Martial for child pornography possession held not to be a “prior conviction” under federal child pornography statutes).  The Tenth Circuit's published opinion can be found here.  Terry obtained a federal jury trial “not guilty” verdict in United States v. Nowlin (Wyo. D.Ct. No. 06CR242-D) The government's criminal complaint charging client Casey Nowlin with assault with serious bodily injury can be found here, and indictment, here.  The Court's Judgment of Acquittal can be found here.  Terry obtained a federal jury trial "not guilty" verdict also in United States v. Castro (Wyo. D.Ct. No. 02CR077-J) The indictment charging client Blanca Castro as the leader of methamphetamine conspiracy, with a possible sentence of ten years to life in prison, were she to have been convicted can be found here.  The Court's Judgment of Acquittal can be found here.


Terry obtained a federal District Court order granting habeas relief under 28 U.S.C. § 2255 in Medina-Gonzalez v. United States, vacating both the conviction and the 168-month sentence, and ordering the immediate release of Mr. Medina (Wyo. D.Ct. Nos. 12CV105-F and 10CR127-F) (Terry obtained relief on claims that Abel Medina's Fifth Amendment rights were violated due to the federal government's Brady violations preventing a full and fair hearing on Mr. Medina's Fourth Amendment search and seizure claims).  The Court's Orders can be found here and here.


Emily, as lead counsel, obtained "not guilty" jury verdict in State of Wyoming v. Timothy Larimore, Doc. 32-667, involving a felony theft charge alleging store manager Timothy Larimore stole the company cash bank deposit.  The Court's Judgment of Acquittal can be found here.



These notable results obtained for our clients represent a small sampling of the quality results Harris & Harris, P.C. strives to achieve for every client, every day.









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